Triple R

No one knows how many naturally red-headed Latina women there are out there. Very few, that much we can say for sure.

And now there’s one less.

Triple R – Real Red Rapunzel – as you’re about to find out, is pretty, delightful and hella brave. We say this because you have never seen hair like this cut and shaved off before. Her hair is not just long, it’s not just thick, it’s luxuriant. It’s unique. When she secures her hair atop her head for the last time it’s like she has tamed and secured a wild, beautiful creature.

What you’re about to watch is a head-shaving transformation unlike anything you’re seen before. And the thing is this: Triple R’s haircut lasts forever. We don’t just shave her in seconds, this is a haircut and shave that lasts and lasts. And lasts.

So buckle down, subscribers. Savoir this one. 

‘Is A Parallel Production’