Georgia haircut and head shave


Georgia & her waist length sun-kissed hair Georgia catches your eye, she’s damn pretty, and so does her hair which reaches her waist. Subscribers can witness all that pretty hair cut off and her head shaved. Nude. Not bad, if we do say so ourselves!! 🙂

Morgan haircut and headshave


Morgan is a 21 year old firework Morgan is a 21 year old firework Morgan is a 21 year old firework. She was actually supposed to come to one of our shoots to shave her head. She got cold feet but she couldn’t shake the desire to shave her head.So she decides to buzz her …

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Shelby may be the most beautiful haircut model of all time.  We really believe that. Her height. Perfect. Her weight. Perfect. Her complexion. Perfect. Her smile. Perfect. You get the idea. Today this beautiful girl next door is going for the biggest transformation imaginable. First she gets a chin length bob. The scissors hack  off nice …

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Jackie is a wild child. Her and her friend Lexi went to the bar for some drinks. In the hot summer heat they decided it was to hot for all their hair. So they got a room and gave each other a little haircut. What happened? Who went first? Join Now!


Lexi has luxurious long blond hair. Her best friend Jackie is alway talking her into some crazy stuff. Today is no different. A big haircut for them both to cool off. What style? Is Jackie getting a haircut too? Join now!


18 Year old. Somebody card her. Yes, she is actually 18. Our youngest model we recruited. We don’t know who was more nervous. Her or or boyfriend. Her boyfriend (who was 21) watched in the doorway with a look of fear mixed with anxiety. She was trying to comfort him and she was the one shaving her …

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Dawn is a natural born model. She has long legs a smile that lights up the room. Her perfect figure is complemented by blonde hair that gently brushes against her butt. It’s a thick as fist. Our very own Kaylie shaves Dawn’s neck then takes the bulk off. It is cut into a sexy short pixie. …

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