18 Year old. Somebody card her. Yes, she is actually 18. Our youngest model we recruited. We don’t know who was more nervous. Her or or boyfriend. Her boyfriend (who was 21) watched in the doorway with a look of fear mixed with anxiety. She was trying to comfort him and she was the one shaving her head. We gave him a beer and he nursed like a baby and it’s bottle. Rose was nervous and loved the pixie cut Kaylie gave her. But, it was time to go shorter, bald. “I love it. And will grow my hair to the same pixie cut and keep it that way. I appreciate this opportunity. I would have never tried short hair if it wasn’t for this. I didn’t know short could look that good one me,” she said with a smile. 

Before the night was over the boyfriend didn’t faint. Actually started to smile too. 

“Lost Natural Audio!”
“Replaced With Commentary of Kaylie.”