Jaks’ shaves red hair and brows

Jaks is a do it all kind of girl. She is a model, she is an aerialist, and today she is throwing her hat in the ring for the most beautiful bald babe. Now rather or not she would win that competition, we will let you decide. Was she the most enthusiastic? That we for sure would say yes. She was excited the whole time bouncing out of her sit, doing a little dance when she was just sitting there. Her massive red hair just kept coming and coming off. There seemed to be no end to it. Some of the thickest hair we have ever had the pleasure of shaving. When it was buzzcut length, before we razor shaved her, the shade of red was breathe taking and beautiful. The end result? All visible hair removed. Head, brows, and yes even the little baby hairs on her upper shoulders. Enjoy!