Thick, THICK, TTHHIICCKK Hair. That is the first and most important thing to say about our next lovely model. Dulce is a rather unique case. She took a deal of necessity. Dulce got accepted to a major university. Her parents agreed to pay for her tuition and living expenses. They just expected her to study hard and try her best. Dulce, who had so much protentional did the exact opposite. She went to school and partied. She flunked out and had to return home with a degree of shame. Today she has a golden opportunity, do a shoot for us and pay her parents back. Which, is a good deal considering they told her if she didn’t pay them back for the wasted money they would kick her out of the house. While she was very nervous, she accepted the deal and did the deed. Not one to miss, she shaved her head, brows, legs, pits, arms, and even got a nose hair and eyelash trim. We may have given her head a couple of extra shaves. Must see and now showing!