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Now Showing 11/13/2023 Brand New: Watch Sexy Darly Get Her Head Shaved Bald!! 

Now Showing 10/16/23 Brand New: Watch Nicole Get Her Head Shaved Bald!!

Now Showing 9/17/23 Brand New: Watch Cute Little Latina from the US Get Her Head Shaved Bald!!

Now Showing 8/19/23 New: Watch Mixed Native American Shave Her Head Bald!!

Now Showing 7/14/23 New: Watch Lively Latina shave her head!!

Now Showing 12/29 Watch beautiful Innocent Pixy shave her head!!

Meet Moreno – ever wanted to watch a lesbian from the States go bald!! Thich hair! – Showing 12/1/22!!

Meet Alex – Showing 11/17/22!!  

April-We have found lost footage. We know you will be excited, we are too! Now Showing!

Rees-is a beautiful young actress, now bald. Now Showing!

Lensi-A young musician sings the shaved bald song. Now Showing! Full Shave

New Download Only Video 

Hannah-is a young fitness model, she wanted something easier to maintain since she is always in the gym. I think we found the haircut she was looking for… Now Showing!

April-is a professional runway model, today she is making the walk to the styling chair. Now Showing!

Scarlett Joe Hansen Both Angles Now Showing- 
This Scarlett Joe Hansen dead ringer shaved her head for our site. Alexis, aka SJ wanted to cut her hair for cash, but was very afraid for the result. We gave her two options, option one was simpler styles, or extreme cuts/bald. We obviously offered more money for the second offer, and she accepted. We gave her fate to one of our members to decide, should we be surprised they chose for her to get her head shaved?
Eden is Back For More, Now Showing!

Genny is our next model. Her hair is so fantastic that when she had it long before a local salon bought it off of her. Literally. Today she is playing the role in our next film, of a young lady selling her hair! Both Angles Now Showing!

Check out the hottest bald model of all time! Ashley

Nel is a lady’s lady. She came right before a big date to sacrifice her long and lovely curls. Regardless of the deal, the more of her beautiful curls we cut, the angrier she got.
Both Angles Now Showing!

Aubrey Shaves Her Head and Brows Now Showing! Don’t miss this one!
Sammie Comes To Shave Her FOUR FEET OF BLONDE HAIR!
Sammie’s Video Now Showing! Close Angle Now Showing!

Buy Nicole Full Angle or Nicole Close Angle!

We would also like to welcome BaldVids.com to this great community!! 

Watch Sexy Darly Get Her Head Shaved Bald
Watch Nicole get a forced head shave bald
Watch Nicole Get Her Head Shaved Bald
Cute Latina Takes The Plunge and shaves her head bald
Watch This Cute Little Latina Shave her head bald
mixed native american
Watch Mixed Native American get her head shaved bald
Lively Latina Shaves her head
Lively Latina Shaves it All
Meet this Innocent Pixie! Watch her shave it all 12/29
Meet Moreno, a lesbian with thick hair shaved bald!!
The Young and Innocent Alex
Meet Sweet Young and Innocent Alex! Showing 11/17/22
Lost April Footage! Now Showing!

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